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Rev Karlo Okoy

Rev Karlo Kolong is a renowned author, peacemaker, and visionary from Sudan who has significantly contributed to Sudan’s peace and reconciliation process. Despite facing rejection from his mother at birth, he became the breadwinner and the only educated child in his family. In 2002, he received a divine vision known as “We Are Not an Island in Sudan” and successfully reconciled 18 Sudanese factions, which led to the historic Sudanese peace of 2005. His efforts were acknowledged by Dr Riek Machar, now the vice president of South Sudan, who recognized him as the “father of Sudanese peace of 2005.” In addition to his writing, he is also a musician and has been playing guitar since 1970.


The Author of More Than 50 Books

Rev Karlo Okoy is a prolific author who has written more than 50 books, with each publication offering unique insights into the rich historical background of Sudan and East Africa. His books are a product of divine inspiration that began in 2002 when he received a vision known as “We Are Not an Island in Sudan.” Karlo’s deep understanding of the Christian religion and the African continent’s history is reflected in his writings, which highlight the region’s rich cultural heritage and the contributions of its people to the world. His books offer a fresh perspective on African history and challenge the conventional narratives of theologians and writers.

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Rev Karlo Kolong also owns a YouTube channel where you can find Rev Karlo Kolong’s video songs and his thoughts. He has produced numerous video songs in English, Arabic, and his traditional language of Tennet.

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With the 53 books of Rev Karlo’s goal is to improve people’s daily lives socially, economically, politically, and spiritually. However, many readers have already improved their lives. Nobody is an island.


Rev Karlo also runs an NGO called “International Christian Students Union Ministries” (ICSUM), registered in the state of Colorado and in the IRS center, with the 4 number of staff.


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